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About Us

A reputation backed by performance and a culture built on collaboration.

We’re an agile, expert team of entrepreneurs who are breaking the mold on barrier food packaging possibilities.

A commitment to values that support your success.

  • Collaborative

    Let’s create something that stands out together. We’re ready to develop a customized packaging solution with you

  • Reliable

    We’re right here! The responsiveness you receive from the Impact team fast tracks your project and ensures speedy support when you need it most.

  • Inventive

    Harness the powers of Next Gen technology to elevate the performance of your thermoformed packaging.

  • Progressive

    Take your product ideas to the next level of peak performance with the industry’s latest innovations for thermoformed packaging.

We aim to exceed your expectations... each and every time.

From cost to quality to our expert use of inventiveness and technology, our team strives to keep you impressed through every packaging project we partner on. 

Entrepreneurial Excellence

We bring a passion for creativity into every project we undertake. Our dedication to collaboration means your product is a brainstorm brought to life.

Constant Quality

Let ease become the new normal with support that streamlines, innovates and achieves your most ambitious food packaging goals.