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Form Fill and Seal

Sophisticated Form, Fill and Seal Packaging Solutions

Elevate the performance of your form-fill-seal packaging to the standards of the future. With an astute understanding of the materials and capabilities required for the food and medical markets, Impact Plastics offers innovative, tailor-made solutions for all your rigid barrier and non-barrier form-fill-seal packaging needs.

  • Fill Seal
  • Fill Seal
  • Fill Seal
  • Fill Seal

Make it Yours

  • Material Solutions

    High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)
    Clear HIPS
    Polypropylene (PP)
    Enhanced barrier polypropylene
    Polyethylene (PE)

  • Structure Configurations

    Monolayer Rollstock
    Barrier Extrusion Lamination Rollstock
    Multilayer Coextruded Rollstock

  • Performance Solutions

    Blended Polypropylene for Added Stiffness & Impact Resistance
    Customized Barrier Specifications
    Enhanced OTR & MVTR for Shelf-life Extension
    Snapable Polypropylene for PS Replacement
    Hydrogen Peroxide and Steam Sterilization Compatible

  • Customization options

    Custom Colors
    Custom Bi-colors
    Custom Finish
    Clear and Clear-tinted Materials
    Performance Additives
    UV/light Degradation Additives
    Custom Topical Additive Coating
    Custom-designed Decorative Film Lamination (Clear & Opaque Substrates)
    One and Two Sided Corona Treatment

  • Proven Excellence

    Learn about our longstanding commitment to clean, quality, fully-certified manufacturing processes.

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  • Reliable Resources

    Uncover an expertly crafted collection of technical, material and process know-how in the Impact Plastics Blog.

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  • Superior Support

    Trying something brand new? Tap into our onsite technical support services to help you through the development process – one material at a time.

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  • Custom Solutions

    Explore exactly what your custom materials are capable of. Explore our portfolio of specialty additives and innovative materials.

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