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Precisely Engineered PETG Medical Packaging Solutions

Introducing the new PETG solution designed to meet industry-standard material specifications for thermoformed medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging.

The Advantages of PETG from Impact Plastics

Recent disruptions and challenges have called into question the resiliency of the PETG supply chain in the US. With so many medical packaging & medical device applications dependent on PETG materials, the risk associated with a single-source supply presents a significant concern. Now is the time to mitigate that risk and ensure the safety and reliability of your PETG supply.

PETG solutions from Impact Plastics offer comparable technical specifications to current industry standards, enhanced safety and consistency required for your most critical PETG medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging applications – while providing economic benefits and reducing supply chain risk.

Risk Mitigation

With so many medical packaging & medical device applications dependent on PETG materials, the risk associated with a single-source supply presents a significant concern. With more options, you can take back control of your PETG material sourcing, all while mitigating supply chain risk and securing your access to critical materials by validating a second-source.

Validation Support

PETG materials must undergo stringent qualification and validation procedures to ensure they meet required safety, quality, and performance specifications. Materials cannot be substituted once this is complete – making validation of a second-source a necessity. With decades of experience supplying medical packaging materials, our expert team and certified quality systems are ready to support you through all stages of validation.

Reliable Infrastructure & Extrusion Technology

The critical function of these materials necessitates a dependable, reliable and safe supply chain. PETG resin used by Impact Plastics is produced in a brand new facility and converted using the latest in advanced extrusion technology:
– Greenfield site in the US for resin production plant
– New state-of-the-art capabilities for sheet production
– Track record of high-quality products & advanced extrusion & quality monitoring platforms

Regulatory Compliance

Taking the steps to ensure patient safety across all stages of the medical supply chain must remain top priority. PETG solutions from Impact Plastics meets or exceeds the required regulatory and compliance certifications to simplify qualification including:
– EU NR 10/2011
– USDA FDA 21CFR177.1315 [b] [1]
– USP Class VI & Cytotoxicity per ISO 10993-5:2009

Performance Attributes

In addition to stringent safety standards, materials must stand up to rigorous process qualification procedures to ensure maximum product protection. PETG from Impact Plastics was designed to meet or exceed the technical and quality standards of current solutions to streamline process validation including: 
– High Clarity & high stiffness
– Low temperature & high heat solutions
– Low shrink

Sterilization Compatible

PETG materials used in thermoformed medical packaging represent the first line of defense against the transfer of dangerous bacteria and pathogens for essential medical equipment, medications, and devices. PETG from Impact Plastics is compatible with medical sterilization techniques including:
– EtO
– Gamma
– Ebeam

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  • Capabilities

    ● Monolayer Rollstock
    ● Multilayer Coextruded Rollstock
    ● Thin-gauge Extrusion Capabilities From .010” – .060’”

  • Performance Solutions

    ● PETG

  • Compatible Process

    ● Thermoforming
    ● Form-fill-seal

  • Approvals

    ● European Regulation NR 10/2011 on plastic Food Contact material
    ● FDA 21 CFR 177.1315 [b] [1]
    ● Meets requirements of USP Class VI & Cytotoxicity Test per ISO 10993-5:2009 for use in medical and pharmaceutical applications

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