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Eco-Conscious Packaging Meets Full-Circle Sustainability

At Impact, we factor in the full life cycle of your product. From conceptualization to commercialization, we consider the environmental footprint it leaves behind. Sustainable practices aren’t just an aspiration of ours, they’re integrated into our everyday operations and manufacturing processes.

Packaging Designed With Your Product’s Carbon Footprint In Mind

  • Effectively Allocating Resources

    Our extensive materials portfolio offers options that maximize efficiency, promote energy savings and sustain light-weighting and down-gauging initiatives for a lighter environmental footprint throughout the product life cycle.

  • Reducing, Reusing, Recycling

    For a material to be truly recyclable, it can’t be recyclable in theory, it must be recyclable in practice. We work with you directly to decide which colors and materials can be reused and recycled into additional product applications.

  • Impact Plastics

    Promoting a Circular Economy

    Continuously support the product lifecycle and incorporate PCR materials wherever possible with material structures that streamline recycling under mono-material Resin ID Codes vs RIC 7.

Sustainable Materials

Impact’s material handling and customizable extrusion capabilities allow for the incorporation of PCR materials and clean, post-industrial regrind to reduce virgin material usage and lighten the carbon footprint of the finished product. Our portfolio optimizes structure design with sustainable, eco-conscious material options without compromising performance or functionality.

Eco-Friendly Partnerships

Impact is committed to adopting alternative energy sources to power our every-day operations and offset consumption of conventional sources like natural gas, electricity and fuel. We employ efficient transportation logistics and our solar energy system supplements on-site electric requirements with clean, renewable energy. To date, we’ve used it to produce the energy equivalent of over 73,000 gallons of gas! 

Dependable Resources

  • Stellar Support

    Starting something from scratch? Try our on-site technical support services for expert guidance throughout the development process.

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  • Innovative Insights

    Stay one step ahead of the industry’s latest advancements with Impact’s expertly-crafted packaging blog.

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  • Development Trials

    Explore exactly what your custom materials are capable of. Experiment with production-scale trials of additives and materials to create something from scratch.

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