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Printing & Graphic Arts

Custom Crafted Substrates For Printing and Graphic Art Applications

Impact Plastics understands the intricate requirements of printing and graphic art applications, and we offer a wide variety of material solutions—  from ultra-high clarity to custom color substrates. Whether it’s a high-speed flexographic, lithographic or roto-gravure printing system, we’ll bring your most exacting precision-rollstock-printed and graphic-arts-application projects to life.

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Make it Yours

  • Material Solutions


  • Structure Configurations


  • Customization options

    Custom Colors
    Custom Bi-colors
    Clear & Clear-tinted Materials
    UV/light Degradation Additives
    Custom Mineral Filler Blending
    One & Two Sided Corona Treatment
    Distortion Printed Rollstock
    Custom Designed Decorative Laminations

  • Proven Excellence

    Learn about our longstanding commitment to clean, quality, fully-certified manufacturing processes.

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  • Reliable Resources

    Uncover an expertly crafted collection of technical, material and process know-how in the Innovative Insights Blog.

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  • Superior Support

    Trying something brand new? Tap into our onsite technical support services to help you through the development process – one material at a time.

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  • Custom Solutions

    Explore exactly what your custom materials are capable of. Explore our portfolio of specialty additives and innovative materials.

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